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Although hosting is only one portion of the EZ-NetTools™ system, high-performance service that meets our stringent standards is absolutely essential. The ability of EZ-NetTools™ to sustain a solid hosting solution lies in our unyielding determination to develop state-of-the-art technologies which provide a system that is reliable, fast, expandable and secure.

99.9% Up Time
With our unprecedented system architecture, the EZ-NetTools™ system uptime is above 99.9%! Employing multiple server clusters and routing Web traffic through Load Balancing Routers (LBRs) greatly contribute to our highly dependable service.

The LBRs are like a traffic cop that directs Web traffic to the least busy servers. If server 1 and 2 are busy, it will route the next request for information to server 3, 4, etc.

Watch Dog
In addition to the unique architecture that makes up the EZ-NetTools™ system, we have developed WatchDog software. WatchDog is a computer program that continually monitors the system "sniffing out" potential problems. With WatchDog, system anomalies can be identified and addressed, thus preventing server failure in most instances.

Back-up System
The EZ-NetTools™ system is also prepared for power outages. If the power goes down, battery back-ups provide power to the system. In case of extended power outages, a gasoline-powered generator and fuel are on standby.

Response Time
The industry standard response time for a typical webpage is 200 milliseconds. The average response time for a typical webpage hosted on the EZ-NetTools™ system is between 50 and 100 milliseconds. (The smaller the number, the faster the response time.) Now that is fast!

Expandability is a key component to maintaining a fast and stable system. The more websites that are added to any server, the more resources are required and the server responds slowly.

Typically, when a host requires an upgrade or "scheduled maintenance", it must take the system offline. Anytime your host goes offline, it costs you money in lost sales! However, with our advanced system architecture which consists of multiple computer clusters, all we have to do to expand the system is plug in another machine. Computer maintenance can also be done without interrupting service.

To protect your website from hackers, EZ-NetTools™ enforces stringent policies. For example, the only way to enter our system is through the log-in screen which requires a unique User ID and password.

The firewall we use is so protective that the people on the Internet don't even see the individual servers in our cluster. And to protect against the loss of your information, we perform daily back-ups of the system data.