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If you plan on selling online, you must provide additional security to protect your customers' order information such as credit card numbers. Using ordering systems without security is like broadcasting a credit card number worldwide. E-mail and many online order forms are NOT fully secure mediums to pass sensitive information.

3-Way Encryption™
To provide total security, we have developed 3-WayEncryption™ technology. With this advanced processing method you can feel confident that sensitive information will be safe through EACH step of the online transaction.

With 3-WayEncryption™, the information is encrypted when your customer places their order, when the order is stored on the computer, and when you retrieve the order. This ensures full protection through the entire path of the order! View 3-WayEncryption™ diagram.
Encrypting data requires sophisticated technology to prepare information for transfer over the Internet, and utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption which composes the most advanced security routines available today.

SSL encryption works like this: two computers connect over the Internet and prepare to pass sensitive data. The computers enter a secure mode through which they, in essence, develop a language which is unique to them. Only after the secure connection is made and the "new language" has been developed is the data passed. With 3-WayEncryption™, this happens three times for every transaction!

Credit Card Transaction Processing
There are two methods of transacting credit card orders with EZ-NetTools™ - Automated Transaction Processing (ATP), and Manual Transaction Processing (MTP).

With ATP, the customers' credit card is automatically verified and appropriately charged at the time of order. The funds are then transferred into the merchants bank account, an e-mail is sent to the merchant who then securely retrieves the order and delivers the product. This requires a "merchant bank account", and a "Gateway" service which functions as an online credit card processing terminal.

With MTP, an order is placed by the customer, and the system notifies the merchant by e-mail. The merchant then securely retrieves the order, prints it out, and uses a credit card processing terminal provided by their bank to manually enter the credit card information for processing. This way, the merchant has time to verify the order or check stock -- before money has changed hands.

Both automated and manual transaction methods utilize 3-WayEncryption™ and SSL technologies.

EZ-NetTools™ supports the PayPal® payment method. Simply enter the PayPal® account information into the EZ-Order™ configuration and start taking orders.

EZ-Order™ & EZ-Catalog™
With EZ-NetTools™, orders can be entered into an online order form or a shopping cart. An order form lists all the items for sale and the purchaser enters the quantity they want to purchase. This is perfect for businesses that have fewer products.

For businesses with a large inventory of items for sale, the shopping cart and online catalog make a terrific one-two punch. Items are sorted by categories and orders are placed in the online shopping cart.