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NEW!! May 20, 2019

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(May, 2019)

Welcome to Villa Dos Colinas!!

It is time to get the palapa finished up - so we have retained the services of another local Maestro to finish the granito on the ground floor, and the screen room and balcony above.

The weather has turned a slight bit cooler... the wind has picked up somewhat (to a really nice ocean breeze most days)... and we have a mixture of sun and clouds during the day, with slight rain or mist many nights... perfect!

We hope to have this project finished within the next week or so, and then work on some furnishings. We would like to have a guest space ready soon - and hope to have some of our dear friends and family come visit!

Lunes, 4/29/2019:
The columns below the casita were never given the final coat of cement - so Wilter and Isacio are working on finishing up that job. Then all that is needed is another coat of paint.

Martes, 4/30/2019:
The posts are going in for the handrails on our pathway to the front gate. It's fairly steep (old tires for steps), but a much shorter distance than walking down the drive.

Jueves, 5/2/2019:
The two Moringa trees that Doug planted are finally taking off. They will become large shade trees, and the leaves also are said to have health benefits.

Jueves, 5/2/2019:
Our chico, Wilter, was given a bicycle by a neighbor as it had no working brakes. So Doug actually figured out a braking system for him to be able to ride the bike before installing actual brakes.

Jueves, 5/2/2019:
It's quite clever, and actually works... a piece of bamboo attached to a rope system... so now Doug is being called "McGeever" (the Ecuadorian name for McGuyver!)
McGeever brakes

Sabado, 5/11/2019:
Maestro Luis brought 5 guys today to do the granito floor, all in one day. Granito is pieces of stone embedded in the cement - almost like an unpolished version of the old Florida terrazo floors.

Sabado, 5/11/2019:
A long day of hard work, but the crew is finished.

Lunes, 5/13/2019:
Today the stairs and landing to the upper floor of the palapa is being finished with granito also.

Martes, 5/14/2019:
Our next project will be a small bamboo casita, hopefully for a caretaker. First, we must clear the site we have chosen near the front gate. Had to remove a beautiful Moyuyo, but we have many more!

Martes, 5/14/2019:
Doug and Woody inspect the future building site for the casita. It is located right off the pathway between our casita and the front gate.

Martes, 5/14/2019:
Meanwhile, back at the palapa, Luis and Andres work on the granito on the landing area to the upper floor.
Granito landing

Martes, 5/14/2019:
Our gardener, Paulo, gifted us with one of his banana trees - and happily we can report that it is doing well in its new home near the palapa.

Martes, 5/14/2019:
Our new refrigerator in the palapa. We had a problem with the freezer in the fridge in the casita (it started melting). Since we needed a second fridge for the palapa, I went to Puerto Lopez on Friday and purchased this great little fridge. The problem with our big fridge is a bad chip/or card which controls the auto defrost. Technician diagnosed it last week, and is due with the new card any minute now!

Jueves, 5/16/2019:
Our beautiful bamboo retaining wall at the front gate has now had its finishing coat of lacquer/varnish - and I think it looks great!

Viernes, 5/17/2019:
Woody joins me on our walk everyday to open the entrance gate. Here he checks out the upcoming building site.

Sabado, 5/18/2019:
Yes, this is a fun place to work! Ney (who is from Venezuela) returned to weld some upgraded closures on our entrance gate. You can see how much we enjoy the guys working on our little paradise.

Sabado, 5/18/2019:
Ney and Jaime demonstrate the upgrades to our gate! Great job, guys....

Lunes, 5/20/2019:
Today starts the finishing of the wood floors of the second level of the palapa. The original "nails" that were installed are being replaced with stainless screws before the sanding and finishing can take place.

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