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NEW!! March 14, 2019

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(February & March, 2019)

New Areca Palm
Welcome to Villa Dos Colinas!!

We haven't added much to the website recently - we realize that! - but it seems like there is so much to do, and the days go by so fast....

Construction has been replaced with trying to work on landscaping, and putting finishing touches on what we have already built! We are still in the midst of "rainy season" - and boy, we've had it in spades the last couple of weeks! We had three nights of "torrential" rain, that caused lots of soil loss and wash outs on our driveways. We have been trying to build berms (with rocks & cement) to hold back the water, but it seems we fell behind. So now we are working even harder to shore up those places which need it the most.

But, we are still having fun! Waking up each morning, and hearing the sound of the ocean before your feet hit the floor is just wonderful.... check out a few photos taken the last couple of months.

Sabado, 2/2/2019:
Screens still need to be added to the "penthouse" room in the palapa - and floors need to be finished, but the view at night is spectacular! Sitting on our hilltop perch, all the lights of the village are just beautiful.

Sabado, 2/2/2019:
The view of the pool and casita from the second floor of the palapa...

Jueves, 2/7/2019:
The partial bamboo wall at the entrance to the property was a project temporarily put on hold.... but Wuilter was able to get it finished up in one day. The plan is to have a wooden plaque made to adorn this wall with the property name: "Villa Dos Colinas".

Martes, 2/13/2019:
Since this is "invierno" (winter) in South America, it is the warmest and wettest time of year. Therefore, everything is growing like crazy. The clipping of Allamanda that Doug started is now blooming!

Martes, 2/13:
Moyuyo - a gorgeous bush/tree which grows wild in this part of Ecuador! Luckily, we have them all over our property - and right now they are all in bloom! Their branches are also used for railings and some furniture.

Martes, 2/13:
Just below the casita and pool area, Woody finds a cool, shady place to rest - among the "murritos", little walls of rock to help stop erosion. Hopefully there will soon be many more plants in this area!

Martes, 2/13:
This is also the time of year for the cactus to bloom! We have many beautiful large cactus, like this one, all over the property. And they are now blooming and forming the fruits (which are edible).

Martes, 2/13:
Another cactus growing here is the wild version of "pitahaya" (dragon fruit in the US). These fruits are smaller than the commercial pitahaya, but just as sweet. Again, there are many growing here on our property.

Sabado, 3/2:
Friday night we had our second big rain of the week - and lost even more soil with washouts to the driveway. Woody helps me inspect the damage!

Miercoles, 3/6:
Byron returns to install a pipe under the driveway, to help drain the water directly into the ravine. Hopefully this will help save the edges from washing out.

Jueves, 3/7:
After 5" of rain overnight, our pool is actually overflowing! But McGuyver Doug had the solution - we took two garden hoses and siphoned off enough water to bring the level down to the tile.

Jueves, 3/7:
Still more washed out soil after last night's rain. We obviously have more work to do!

Jueves, 3/7:
We had planted 500 vetiver plants (google "vetiver") to help hold the soil on our steep slopes. Unfortunately, it had not had time to completely protect the banks, and some was washed away!
Vetiver plants

Installing a gutter
Viernes, 3/8:
To help with the rainwater control, we are installing a gutter on the east side of the palapa. This gutter will drain directly into the large blue tank, so hopefully we will have free irrigation water in the future!

Viernes, 3/8:
Installing the "tubo" (pvc pipe) into the brackets shown in the photo above. The pipe was painted the same red color as the roof, and actually looks very good!
Red gutter on palapa

Dump truck stuck in mud
Sabado, 3/9:
Although the street to our entrance is a "public road", if we wanted to be able to reach our drive, we needed to fix the washed out deep holes in the road. When the truck arrived with the lastre to fill the holes, it sunk into the mud and required the excavator to lift it out! But, we got the road fixed so that it's passable!

Martes, 3/12:
From our front porch, Doug is watching me board the bus to go to Jipijapa (guess he took the photo when I was behind the pole!).... it's great to just walk out to the highway and catch the bus. 75 cents for the 1/2 hour bus ride to the bank and grocery store!
Bus to Jipijapa

The bus
Martes, 3/12:
And, we're off!! The bus system in Ecuador is great... there are about 3 different bus co-ops that pass by our place, and go to Jipijapa or Manta. There is usually a bus every 10 to 15 minutes or so.

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