Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Manta, Ecuador

Saturday, June 10, 2017: After a wonderful flight on Avianca Airlines, our jet landed in Manta - Tuna Capital of Ecuador. Manta is a city of approximately 200,000 people, and is the major cruise port of Ecuador, as well as a commercial port.

La Victoria Guest House
A short ride from the airport, and we arrived at La Victoria Guest House - a wonderful B&B in a beautiful, and architecturally interesting home! La Victoria is the multi-level white house in this photo.
So, feeling the effects of hunger setting in, we took a walk and discovered a nearby restaurant - appropriately named the "Tuna Bar" - what else in the tuna capital? Tuna Bar
Doug at Tuna Bar
Being parched upon our arrival, it was definitely time for a cerveza.
And then the food arrived! A HUGE plate of langostinos a la plancha for Doug, and pescado apanado for Gina. Absolutely delicious! Gina at Tuna Bar
The beach in Manta

The Manta Fish Market sits on this beach, in front of a row of restaurant cabanas.... serving, what else?, the fresh catch of the day.

Manta Fish Market
Manta's Fish Market - check out the huge chunks of freshly caught tuna in this photo. The best part is, it costs approximately $3 to $4 a pound!
Guess you could say we had the "penthouse suite" at La Victoria! We were on the top level with a balcony facing the street. Loved the high vaulted ceiling, and all the light from the sliding glass doors and window. La Victoria Guest House
La Victoria Guest House
The kitchen and breakfast area at the B&B.
The stairs from the first floor reception area to the next level lounge area, with big screen TV. La Victoria Guest House
Donkey Den
On Sunday, our hosts invited us to join them for brunch at the "Donkey Den" (a hotel and restaurant) on the beach in Santa Marianita, just outside Manta.
The beach at Santa Marianita. Santa Marianita
Diego and Choi
The owners of La Victoria, and our hosts, Diego and his beautiful wife, Choi. These are two very special people who we like to now consider our friends!
The conversation area at the Donkey Den in Santa Marianita. Donkey Den
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