Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

La Boca/Crucita, Ecuador

Monday afternoon, 6-12, we took a taxi north to the Boca area of Crucita, where we will spend some time with our realtor, Kim.

La Boca, Crucita
Ahh... after a busy day, it feels good to sit on the balcony, watching the sun set over the beautiful Pacific Ocean!
On Tuesday, June 13th, Kim picked us up and we looked at properties in Crucita and continued north to San Clemente where we met up with Lynn Saunders of Ecuador Beachfront Properties. Kim, Gina, Lynn on San Clemente beach
Local Fishermen's Port of Call

A beautiful cove on the beach in San Clemente where the local fishermen bring their boats back in, and clean their daily catch. There is a great piece of property right behind this area - with ocean view - that we like very much!

San Clemente beach
San Clemente beach looking south, towards the new condos being built by Ecuador Beachfront Properties.
On the beach near Punta Bikini in San Clemente. Doug and Gina at Punta Bikini
Cabana at La Boca
At the end of the road, is the area where the Rio Portoviejo empties into the sea -therefore known as "La Boca". Here is a wonderful beach area with a large cabana filled with individual little restaurants - and the fresh fish served there is fantastic!
Usually the restaurants are only open on weekends, but now there are several that are opening everyday. Our favorite, where we ate everyday while there was Don Lucas, owned an operated by a wonderful family. Restaurante Don Lucas
Robalo frito entero
Oh my goodness - "Robalo", which I believe to be a type of sea bass, "entero" (whole fish) - a whole dinner with rice, patacones, platanos and salad, all for only $6.00. So delicious!
Doug opted for the Robalo "al vapor" (steamed), which also looked very delicious. Robalo al vapor
Tomorrow on Thursday, we head north to the beach/surf town of Canoa.

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