Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Canoa, Ecuador

Thursday, June 15th, our realtor Kim, with her husband, Ken, drive us up to Canoa to see several different properties. Afterwards they drop us at the Hostal Amalur, our hotel for the next 5 days.

Canoa Beach
After getting settled, the first thing we do is go in search of food! Luckily, it's not very hard to find - and wonderful, fresh food it is!
A typical coastal Ecuadorian style of preparing seafood is "encocado" - with a sauce of coconut and curry. Doug's choice was Camarones Encocado (Shrimp), and Gina choose the Pescado Encocado (Fish). Again, only $6 each for a full dinner with rice, salad, patacones, and plantains. Outstanding! Dinner in Canoa
Canoa Beach looking south

Canoa Beach
Fresh seafood just tastes better when this is your view! Above, Canoa Beach looking south. Here the view from the cabana restaurant looking north.
Our hosts, Antonio and Anita, the owners of the restaurant, put up a couple of tarps on the ocean side of their cabana - we assume to protect from rain, wind, or both? Canoa Beach Cabana
David, the owners' son (16 years old), was able to send photos from his smart phone to mine via bluetooth of this giant langostina that he caught! One langostine (Doug says "3 feet long")....yeah, could be a "prawn story"... equals a whole meal!
Here's the rest of the catch that day. For $12, you get a whole plate full (at least 8 to 10), complete with rice, patacones, salad, etc. Canoa
Friday, June 16th. On the north side of town is the Rio Canoa. Along the beachfront they have built this great suspension bridge walkway to the beach on the other side.
On the other side of the bridge is a lovely little park area with a playground. Great place to get off your tired legs for a few minutes! Canoa
Back on the town side of the bridge is this colorful sign with many sayings, etc. Canoa
Walking along the "malecon" (the street in just about every Ecuadorian coastal town which runs along the oceanfront), we again pass Anita and Antonio's restaurant, this time from the front.
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