Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Curia, Ecuador

On Sunday, July 9, we moved a short distance north of Olon to a very small village named Curia. Beautiful beach homes to the west of the highway, and a hill on the other side of the road with the most beautiful views of the Pacific imaginable. I had booked a two night stay at a special villa as a sort of surprise for Doug!

Villa Curia
Villa Curia
But it wasn't only Doug who got a surprise....I had booked a "king size room" with terrace, and possibly a small kitchen area with a microwave and coffee pot! Wow, what a surprise when I found they had put us in a complete 1 bedroom villa. The king size bedroom was there, with glass doors to the oceanview terrace... but just double that space to include a complete living room and full kitchen/including washer and dryer!
This is the view from our private terrace, complete with hammocks and outdoor fireplace. The villa is sort of stuck on the crest of the hill, with nothing to block our view below to the ocean. Villa Curia
Villa Curia
This is the living room, looking out toward the terrace and Pacific Ocean!
Looking the opposite direction from the previous photo, is the complete kitchen (yes, granite countertops), including a wonderful blender where I tried my hand at making the frozen fresh fruit juices they make in Ecuador to which I've become addicted! Villa Curia
Villa Curia
The bedroom, where we probably had the best night's sleep we've had in years! With the sliding glass door open overnight, all you heard was the crashing of the waves, and the songs of the birds awakening you in the morning.
The fireplace on the terrace just outside our bedroom door - can't really say it was cool enough at night to require a fire. Actually the seabreeze was just about perfect for me! Villa Curia
The view below our hillside perch of our villa. Some gorgeous homes on the oceanfront side as you can see in this photo. Villa Curia
Villa Curia
View of the oceanfront looking toward the north...
Doug was brave enough to climb down the hillside from our perch, to visit the small village of Curia. They do have a beautiful church!  Curia
During his stroll, Doug met this village resident... chickens are pretty normal, found on most village streets - but this was the first turkey! However - this just adds to the charm of this lovely little place,
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