Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Manta, Ecuador

Tuesday, July 11, 2017: Nearing the end of this journey, it's time to return to Manta, in preparation for our flight back to Quito and then the US. We will be staying with what now seems like "family" to us - Diego and Choi at the La Victoria Guest House.

Mall del Pacifico - Manta
During our travels, we have made some wonderful connections with both Ecuadorians and North Americans - and have received many recommendations for shipping companies, lawyers, etc. So, while we're back in Manta, we are trying to meet with some of them,

On Thursday, we met for coffee with a couple introduced to us by someone we met earlier in our trip. (And we are meeting with the shipping company later that day.) We met our new friends at the new Mall del Pacifico, which is amazing!
Located right on the Manta Malecon, in front of the Pacific Ocean, it's a great location for people watching, etc. Manta
Manta Beach
Across the street from the mall - the beach!
Inside the Mall - just a very small portion of this huge mall... don't know why we took so few photos in Manta this time - guess we were too busy just enjoying ourselves? Mall del Pacifico - Manta
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