Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

San Lorenzo, Ecuador

Friday, June 23rd, our wonderful driver, Ramon, took us on a very scenic tour on the way to our next destination, San Lorenzo - a small beachside village to the south of Manta.

San Lorenzo
Bienvenidos a San Lorenzo, Ecuador!
Although we're only here for one night, we love the accommodations at the Lookout B&B. Very new, built more to North-american standards (the owners are Canadian), our room is first rate! And the location right on the beach can't be beat. The Lookout B&B
San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo
The sun was actually starting to set by the time we arrived and got settled in...but the light was spectacular for some very interesting photos!
Luckily, there were a couple surfers left on the beach, so Doug was able to capture the prize-winning photo of his young photographic career! (South American photography, that is! Surfing at San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo
Saturday, June 24th, and it's nearing time to leave for Puerto Cayo - but first - lunch! Right down the beach is the Delfin Restaurant, where a police vehicle was parked in front - if the police eat there, it's GOT TO BE GOOD!
And it was!! Doug made the best choice - fresh albacore tuna "a la plancha" (grilled), and enjoyed every last bite! Would you believe only $7 for this foodie's delight? Tuna dinner
Gina stuck with her favorite, pescado apanado or frito, only $6 for lots of fresh fish, rice, patacones, and salad - and the salads even included some fresh avocado. Pescado apanado
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