Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Salango, Ecuador

Friday, June 30, 2017: We arrive in the small, indigenous town of Salango. The focus for us on this small town was history - it is still a "communal" town, with mostly indigenous Ecuadorian residents.

La Bokana
It was misty and rainy when we arrived in Salango. And and as in many places in Ecuador, they are always working on the roads. We were finally able to find our hosteria - La Bokana - a modest little hostal run by a lovely young couple, Guillermo and Patricia. Yes, they were working on the road in front of their place when we arrived.
The central park was continually filled with kids playing ball, and people just congregating to chat. Salango, Ecuador
Museum in Salango

Salango, Ecuador
Just past the park is the museum, which dates back to precolumbian cultures in Ecuador... fascinating place, but you probably need "days" to do it justice. We did run into a group of anthropology or archaeology students in the courtyard... what a great place to study!
The "Concha" or shell seems to play a prominent role in the early cultures. These specimens of jewelry and other items made from the concha are outstanding. Salango, Ecuador
Salango, Ecuador
Looking down the main street of Salango toward the sea...
Such character in this little town. Salango, Ecuador
Salango, Ecuador
Salango, Ecuador
Recommended to us for dinner, was El Pelicano Restaurante... and what a great choice.
Throughout our whole trip Doug has been saying we need to contact Anthony Bourdain and tell him about the wonderful food in Ecuador.... well, believe it or not - Anthony's already been here! While waiting for our food, Doug spotted a bulletin board with pictures and clippings from Bourdain's 2009 visit to Salango! Salango, Ecuador
Salango, Ecuador
And then... our dinner came. Fish al ajillo (cooked in a fantastic garlic sauce!) Wow - really delicious.
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